March 24 - April 2, 2008
The Trip of a Lifetime
Ridgewood High School Italian Class Goes to Italy 2008

When my sisters asked me if I wanted to go to Italy with their teenaged daughters and their high school Italian class my first thought was that they wanted me to say “What!  Are you crazy!”   I mean it was expensive and our family has never been big on world travel.  But after I gave it some thought it made a lot of sense and I decided, absolutely.  It could be the trip of a lifetime, and it was. 

Now that we’re back I wanted to document where we went and what we saw from the eyes of a 56 year old uncle that was once himself a student at Ridgewood High back in the 60’s.  Please excuse the tongue in cheek.

Allow me to start by explaining what this trip meant to me.  First of all I love history, much more so now than when I was young.  It seems that the more history I have seen created during my lifetime the more I value history as a whole.  Second, the opportunity to go on a trip of this nature, which would be very hard to plan and implement, and being able to take advantage of group rates for hotels, buses and tours, was hard to pass up.  Third, my wife can’t get away from her responsibilities at this time so going with my nieces opened a window of opportunity for me. Fourth, and most important, was the ability to spend quality time with my two nieces Erin and Samantha in the worlds’ most spectacular setting.

For me it truly was the trip of a lifetime!                                                  Zio Giacomo (Uncle Jimmy)

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